How to future-proof your cybersecurity protection

The global pandemic has caught many businesses off guard. Users, data, devices, critical business applications, and networks have left the office and became more distributed.

This shift in the way we work & do business has resulted in companies losing visibility into what was happening in their corporate and their employees’ personal networks, devices, and applications. This shift has also seen a number of cybercriminals and sophisticated hacking groups rapidly adjusting their techniques and tactics to take advantage of the situation.

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a small/medium enterprise, there are fundamentally key things you need to protect: data, devices, applications, and the network itself.

NxtGen and Cloudflare invite you to join this session and:

  1. Find out how India ranks in DDOS attacks distribution globally
  2. See real-time internet trends and insights in India
  3. Stay ahead of the cyberattack vectors & future- proof your cybersecurity protection regardless of the shift in the workforce situation

Stay on for a supercharged Q&A session and test your cybersecurity readiness!


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