How to forward url with forwarding rules?

I found example cloudflare redirect rules chaeat sheet but what ever i try url is not redirected.

I try to redirect subdomain.myurl com to
myurl com/blog.
With page rules it works just fine but I have free plan and all 3 page rules are taken.

I would apriciate any help. Thank

Make sure any domain/subdomain you are redirecting from has a proxied DNS entry. Use a dummy value of A or AAAA 100:: if it is just for redirecting and there is no actual site.

This is the most common redirect example to copy if you are redirecting one (sub)domain to another…

If still having a problem, give the from/to links and a screenshot of your redirect rules.

Thanks for replay. I set A recoard with ip
And created redirect rule exactly how it is in sapmpple but it does not work. i tried to redirect with /* and without.

Change “URI equals” to “Hostname equals”.

Thanks i tried but it does not work too for regret is set to “DNS only” in your DNS records. You need to change it to “Proxied”.

Actuaļly it is Proxied. The same is needed for page rules.

It is not showing as proxied, it is returning the dummy IP address…

Also you have 2 SPF records when you should only have one, so you need to fix that as well…

Thanks. SRJ. I disabled and ebabled proxied and it started to work, For spf thanks, i do not understand how coud i did this mistake. Nice day.

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