How to forward hostname when using CNAME?

My server provider has a strict rule that only certain domains can be used to access their server. I have no way to add my Cloudflare domain to their list.
For example, I can access my website through, and I set up a CNAME record in my Cloudflare domain I cannot access my website through abc but can through xyz
I guess the issue is that Cloudflare does not use the original hostname (xyz) when accessing my server. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks.

It sounds like they won’t let you use the Cloudflare proxy as your hostname, so you’d have to redirect users from your domain name over to your host’s domain name.

By using redirection, can I still get the benefits using cloudflare? E.g. cdn, ddns protection?

No. You can not use Cloudflare on a domain that’s not using Cloudflare’s DNS.

Some cdn providers give the option to forward http request with different hostname. I believe this can solve my problem. Is there such setting in cloudflare?

Not unless you’re an Enterprise customer.

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