How to forward a subdomain to IP:PORT

So I have a website that is IPV4:PORT and I have to forward to that specific port 8100 at that IP because that is the one port the website uses and I want to forward a subdomain to it but I can’t find a way to do it all posts I found gave me an “Invalid target” error I tried using CNAME, AAA, A and even a page rule but nothing seems to work

all posts? I just posted this two hours ago:

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I made an A record with the IP and then a page rule with the full link it works but problem is when i go to subdomain.domain.tld it goes to the website i wanted to but then at the top its the IP and port of the site and i want it masked to keep it subdomain.domain.tld even after the slash

You shouldn’t need a Page Rule, or any forwarding. If you want to connect to Port 8100 on your server, all you need is an Origin Rule to set the port. It sounds like you already have a DNS record, so you’re halfway there.

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it is still not maksed i want when a person is on the website for them to not see the IP but my subdomain.domain.tdl

Just curious: is this a WordPress site?

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