How to force HTTP/1.0 response


Our application uses HTTP/1.0. Since it has been proxied via Cloudflare it doesn’t load.
I noticed that when the traffic is NOT proxied, the responses coming to the web client come with HTTP/1.0 and it works fine.

When we proxy via Cloudfalre, HTTP response comes as HTTP/1.1.

Is there any way to force Cloudflare to use HTTP/1.0 responses instead of HTTP/1.1?

Thanks in advance.

It is unlikely that you will get the proxies to respond with HTTP 1.0, it’s surprising they accept HTTP 1.0 in the first place, as that version does not support named-based hosting, which is one of the fundamental technologies of Cloudflare.

If you really need a response with HTTP 1.0, you’ll have to skip the proxies and unproxy the record → :grey:

But an HTTP 1.1 response generally should not be an issue.

I’d also recommend to update your application, HTTP 1.0 really is a flashback to Eddie Murphy’s cineastic masterpiece


There’s a reason, why there is [FirewallTip] HTTP and a welcome to 1996

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