How to Fix TTFB on Custom Website

Hi All. We have a website hosted on DigitalOcean, and I am using Cloudflare.
On our homepage the TTFB is 470ms (which is doable for now) but on the product pages I am getting 7.1s load for it and it’s killing my traffic. Especially for first time visitors.

It seems like has to do with some redirections for the subpages, and we are working on the code, but I wanted to know if there is anything with Cloudflare settings that we can get this improved.
We tried to go back and see when this started happening and seems like www and non-www redirect was part of it.
Did anyone have a similar issue? For the past 1 week I am using different tools to check the website load speed and just can’t see the issue.

I guess it should have to be something with the origin host/server tuning and optimization :thinking: as far as this is “dynamic content”.
Therefore, as far as you are using “webshop” Website, on Business plan there is Cache Bypass by Cookie feature suitable for your case.

Nevertheless, you could try using Argo Smart Routing.

Furthermore, are you already using some Page Rules for cache or?

Is it WordPress/WooCommerce or?

RocketLoader option is enabled at Cloudflare dashboard for your domain name?

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