How to fix "too many HTTP redirects" and "Load cannot follow more than 20 redirections" errors

Hi i am trying to opening my website in mobile and is unable to open it and seeing two types of errors;
“Too many HTTP redirects”
“Load cannot follow more than 20 redirects”
But in desktop my website is opening properly . So tell me how to fix this issue. Plz tell me step by step bcz i am not expert person

Without knowing the actual domain name, we can only guess, but I suspect you’ve enabled Mobile Redirect. this is the domain plz check it and let me know how to fix the errors

I checked, no redirects so far from my end.

But, I have to mention I noticed it’s really long time page loading due to large image sizes, but loads the same at least on my PC and mobile (mobile data, LTE):



Furthermore, kindly see below article:

Nevertheless, may I ask which SSL option have you got selected under the SSL/TLS tab of Cloudflare dashboard at your Cloudflare account for your domain name? (Flexible, Full, Full (Strict) ...)

I could only replicate the problem on my iPhone. Using a browser’s dev tools with the same User Agent String as my iPhone, it wouldn’t redirect.

Using my iMac’s Safari Dev Tools to monitor my iPhone, I couldn’t get any redirect codes. Only the “Too many redirects” message.

In short, I can replicate, but not troubleshoot.

Next step, I suggest you use the “Pause Cloudflare on Site” option from the Overview tab for your domain at The link is in the lower right corner of that page. Give it five minutes to take effect, then see if the problem persists.

its flexible

if i will pause cloud fare then my website CDN and SSL will be paused and its not a perfect solution. i don’t know why this issue happening on mobile. On desktop website is opening properly

Initially i chosen option of Full but i was seeing "525 SSL hand shanked failed "error bcz Hosting provider SSL was not working fine then my hosting provider told to choose flexible option then this error was solved .
Now i am seeing error of “Too many HTTP or redirects” on desktop and “Load cannot follow more than 20 redirects error on mobile” I don’t know how to fix this issue.

With that advice I’d seriously consider changing host :wink:

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