How to fix this


soory my question mybe sound like newbie
how to fix this
Before use cloud my domain not protected but i can use my patcher update
but after on protection cloud i got this mesej maybe block from cloud
how to bypass so my patcher can update server normaly,
sorry my bad english


To clarify, it seems like you have a server sitting out at a static IP address? Is it that server itself that you are trying to patch, or are you trying to update clients from this server?

If you are updating the server itself, I doubt anything you did on CloudFlare would have any impact on outbound traffic from the server - it has no bearing. Outbound traffic from your server is only controlled by your server’s firewall or your ISP. DNS is only a way to get in.

If you have clients that cannot update from the server, that makes a little more sense if you set up other firewall rules to block other inbound access, (e.g. after using CloudFlare you made it so only CF IPs can access). You’d need to update your clients to use your domain name now instead of the IP.

Sorry, hard to help really unless you provide more information, like… What are you trying to update? What was the previous setup? What changed? Etc.


yup when i use ip it work perfect but when domain got a problem ,
so i can’t set bypass for patcher?