How to fix social media featured pictures when posting not being displayed?

Hello, I am currently facing an issue with some actions with my application.
Let me explain it:

  • We have a Main and a beta version of our website, the main version is hosted on a cloud server and our domain name is hosted with cloudflare services.
  • Our beta version is hosted exclusively by a server company.

We added widget in order to display the picture related to a link when posting on social medias. Unfortunatly since we faced an ssl issue (that has been successfully handled), the pictures are not showing up when posting on Facebook and X Twitter. On the other side, it still works perfectly when posting links from beta version.

We already contacted our cloud server host to ask’em if something could be done on their side, and they are pushing me toward cloudflare to see if it could be related to cloudflare ssl issue.

Could someone help me with this problem?

I wish y’all an excellent day and a very good year 2k24!

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