How to fix Site Cannot Be Reached in Google Chrome error


Since yesterday I was not able to access my internet correctly whenever I search for a site in google chrome I got the message Site cannot be reached I checked my internet connection, but it is fine I tried to search in internet explorer there the internet is working only google chrome is not responding. I tried to solve this by clearing the cache memory, but nothing happens. Please look into this and help me to address this issue.


Doesn’t sound to me like a CloudFlare issue. I’d recommend to contact your ISP or a computer guy to fix this.

Or are you using


Eeeeverything’s a Cloudflare issue :wink:


CloudFlare issue or not but, we must help.


Go ahead :wink:


Cool. This page serves potentially malicious software:

Just to keep the context since the post I replied to seems to be hidden:

There was a link to a webpage that was showing some ways how to analyze or fix this on software or system level. But within this article there were several links saying “download this tool to fix it”. This software was detected by several anti virus programs and has a very poor reputation on the internet.


Hi did you get any proper solution, I am following this.


This is not a Cloudflare issue.


Yeah[quote=“MarkMeyer, post:9, topic:32635, full:true”]
This is not a Cloudflare issue.

Oh, I understood that.


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