How to fix HTTP TIMEOUT occurred

Hi There,

Would like to seek your assistance how we able to overcome this issue displaying in our Load Balancer Analytics.

Context: We have two servers that are currently hosted in VULTR. and Cloudflare is used for to the action to failover once server 1 is down and server 2 will take over.

Issue: We encountered an unhealthy status in load balancer analytics our primary server and the failure reason is “HTTP timeout occurred”. do you have in mind where the problem is?, is from our VULTR servers or in cloudflare?

Please help me to my concern thank you

Hi there,

I’m checking your LB logs, and it seems to me that the frequency in which it goes from healthy to critical is too high. If the origin is healthy and Cloudflare reports it as critical with that error, means it’s likely receiving a 524, or that your origin is taking longer than the 5 seconds you have set at your monitor.

To solve this I would start by making sure Cloudflare IP addresses are not being rate limited at your origin, you can check your origin logs.
Cloudflare IPS: IP Ranges

If this is not the issue, I would increase the timeout to 10 seconds, or create simple page to point my monitor to. For instance, if you have a simple page called monitor.html with nothing on it or only a simple text, it will load faster that your current root where you have your monitor pointing to, so it’s less likely to timeout even with 5 seconds. I would also consider spacing out the monitor interval as a tighter interval may cause load on your origin by itself.

These are my suggested settings:

Take care.

Hi Mcorreia,

Appreciate for your feedback and suggestion. Will check again the current setup since this was turned-over to us from our 3rd party vendor. Still learning things :slight_smile:

It would be possible if in the PATH field can be still empty or not?, and also this issue is more likely encountered in our secondary pool but sometimes also in our primary pool, can you share more thoughts about this?

And also, can you enlighten me what’s the possibly RCA of a failure reason " No Route to Host"?, since this failure encountered in our primary pool. I already read what it is but still wondered how cloudflare check it in background since the server is not encountering a downtime. ( Apr 17, 2024 05:31:03 the date/time issue encountered)

Thank you and greatly appreciate your feedback again. :slight_smile: