How to fix Glue vs. A record Conflict

-> how to fix those 2 warnings please, and on which console (my host, on cloudflare, elsewhere):

I don’t see any inconsistencies in the ip addresses on that screen. Is something not working for you?

Ok, I clicked on the test link and see the source of their concern.

Most servers at Cloudflare have two or more IP addresses. Cloudflare picked one for the glue record. That test randomly picked a different one and now thinks there’s a disagreement and that they’re separate name servers with potentially conflicting DNS information.

Nope, it’s the same server and will give the same DNS responses regardless of the IP address you access it with.

Thanks Sdayman,

I think I need to do some digging to understand what’s cloudflare does really and get info about all the DNS records types and functions.

The issue I have is that I feel my website is slow to load from europe. My host told me it takes him 4.5 secs to load but from where I’am it takes 12 secs. So I was thinking cloudflare maybe into the cause. Since then we have disabled it and I’ll test this way.

Thanks for your help.

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