How to fix Error 800

I have a site of gaming stats

There is a schedule on it and if I try to increase it, then this error occurs (Error 800).
See attachment

How to fix?

Cloudflare does not return 800 errors. Based on what I see in that picture, it’s a connection to that IP address on Port 27017 that’s failing.

Bottom → src=“…”

In the support service of my statistics (this is answered so

Dear Customer,

thank you for contacting us.

We are wondering why do you think this issues is caused by gameME Stats since this is cloudflare error. If you check a default gameME Stats webpage, this error does not occurs, xample: Бойцовский Клуб 18+ - Server Live View

We would advice to remove cloudflare and we hope this reply helps! This issue cannot be solved at our end, as the cloud provider raises this error.

It sounds like they’re rate limiting.

That may be your only choice.

The fact is that everything worked.
And I do not know the coincidence of this (maybe), but approximately the error began to occur when the DNSSEC function is activated