How to fix Error 525 SSL handshake failed

My site is applying Cloudflare for dns, but it intermittently occurs 525 errors as below:

I have follow the other post to fix it and contact my server provider. they replied as below:

“'m very sorry to know that you’ve run into this problem. I have reviewed error message in screenshot. It appears like you are experncing issue with installed SSL certificate at ClodFlare’s end. I have verified SSL certificate status at where it shows SSL certificate from Cloudflare, Inc. It appears like SSL certificate which is purchased in our server is not installed at Cloudflare’s end. Please download SSL certificate and then install certificate at Cloudflare’s end.”

is there any one can help me out?


What kind of web server are you using? Nginx? Apache?

This is going to be place to start:

That’s not necessary.

Read this
Please follow the steps in this post to solve your problem:

That’s a different topic


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