Hey there.

Recently I’ve made some changes in the Cloudflare that literally turned off my site. I getting this error: DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN, I know as I removed all fields in “DNS” section in the Cloudflare…

Problem is that I cannot find IP of my adress also…

Is there any fix please?? Thanks so much

You can go through your audit log at and fetch the IP addresses of the deleted entries and restore them manually.

WOW, where can I do that manually? I know that I removed it, but I don’t know anything like my own IP adress that’s the problem… or what should I do ? I’m just beginner, thanks man

Ehm, that is exactly what I just described. Please re-read what I wrote.

Yes I see the IP adresses now and all stuff, but where to apply this? In the DNS Section / Add Record ? Or somewhere else? Thanks

Yes, the DNS screen, where you had removed the records. You need to re-add them.

but what I have to put into “name” and what “Type” I have to select ? It’s missing in that Audit Log

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Could you fix that ? I could hire you via Upwork if you would agree, there are many logs, that.'s not something that I would fix

Well, the forum here is not really intended for paid jobs, but if it isnt too many records we could have a quick walkthrough here. How many records is it?

What you could do alternatively is remove the domain altogether from Cloudflare and set up everything from scratch. That would include pointing your domain to the original nameservers again and have Cloudflare re-import the records in questions from there.

there are tons of records, then it could be fine to fix for somebody ?

I guess aforementioned alternative might be your safest bet at this point.

And it is ? Hire for make changes in the DNS settings or start from scratch, and what you mean by that, all my content will be lost?

Content wont be lost, you are not touching your host settings, only the Cloudflare configuration will be (mostly) gone. There really are not many other options. Either you re-add everything manually or you have the records re-imported during the sign up.

Could I ask you more about this via email please ?

Support is primarily via the forum :slight_smile:

The steps were actually described recently at Error 1000 - dns points to prohibited ip 2020

cool thanks!

But do you really think that you cannot fix that? Maybe it would take very short time… I would work on it hours, I mean the Audit logs…

I also see some post where guy from your team says you would try to check when there is lots of these records, but I’m just saying… maybe it would take you 10 minutes and then save me hours:D because you know what you are doing there

a) I dont have access to your account b) even if you shared the account data I would not feel comfortable doing so c) we’d really come close to the field of paid support in the case of private support d) the audit log really shouldnt be too hard to check. You simply need to check which records you need and recreate them

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