How to fix cross-origin block?

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I’m having problems with my Wordpress and can’t use one of the page Editors (Elementor). They have said that the reason I cannot make edits is because of a CROSS-ORIGIN block.
They request that i get Cloudflare allow the Elementor files or disable the rules.

Screenshot: Screenshot by Lightshot

The Cross-origin settings are preventing the editor files from loading.
How do I fix this and allow the Elementor files or disable the rules? Or, does Cloudflare have to do this for me?

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I usually don’t expect a site to shoot itself in the foot with a cross origin error, as it should be the same origin. Can you click on that little triangle to expand the error message and post what it shows?


Well, since the agent from Elementor had access to check this out - now I can’t even upload the basic page editor - so I cannot even TRY to edit the page in Wordpress. So, I cannot get to the page itself to click the error triangle.
Any suggestions?
I have contacted them and awaiting their reponse.
~ Jenny

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