How to fix 525 error?

Hi there,
as of sudden I get an error and can’t reach my web application anymore. It says: Error 525 SSL handshake failed (my web application is here: )
Can anybody guide me on how to fix this?
Thanks a lot!

That’s a server issue and you have no proper SSL setup on your server.

I’d recommend to pause Cloudflare (bottom right), talk to the host to fix that. Once it loads fine on HTTPS, you can unpause Cloudflare.

Hi @sandro!
Thanks for your reply. My host sent me this answer:

Where does your domain resolve initially? It seems that exactly there is no SSL certificate included anymore and this causes this problem.

The domain resolves on IP and this is not ours, so we can’t include an SSL certificate for the domain.

So it seems like a Cloudflare issue or not?!

A 525 never is a Cloudflare issue, hence why I suggested to pause Cloudflare. Sure, that IP is the proxy address, but your host needs to issue a certificate on their own servers and that’s not IP related.

You can also check out Origin certificates.

I am not an expert and don’t know much about that stuff, but may it be possible that I just need an SSL certificate for

I think it does not have one?

You generally need to fix your configuration as you only have an expired certificate, respectively none at all.

Again, pause Cloudflare and contact your host to get your site properly configured.

I just found out that the ip address of is resolving to my own dedicated server where I never configured anything like SSL at all and it was working for months until few days ago.
But since nobody ever touched anything on that machine, I don’t understand why this error occurs as of sudden? What could that be?

You still haven’t paused Cloudflare.

Follow the steps I mentioned hours ago and your site should be working fine.

I deactivated the proxy for this subdomain. But still an error there.

Precisely what I mentioned. You now need to talk to the host (or whomever is responsible for that server) to get that to load fine on HTTPS, then it will also work on Cloudflare.

And your other hostnames appear to be incorrectly configured as well.

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