How to find the previous "A record" values?

In attempting to redirect two domains to a third one I foolishly updated the “a records” in Cloudflare of those two domains to match the “a records” for the third domain. I now realize this was the wrong way to do a redirect and I want to restore the “a records” to what they should be (what they were before) but I don’t have a record of them. Can anyone advise how to find what the correct (previous) “a records” in Cloudflares settings/options so that I can restore/fix them ? Thanks

You can fish through the Audit Log and find the entry for when you modified the record. The details will show the previous value.


Thank you very much, thats exactly what I was looking for ! One question though… I noticed that the a records for both of the two domains had been exactly the same numbers. Is that common when both domains are registered with Cloudflare ?

If the domains are hosted in the same place it’s likely for the addresses to be the same, yes.


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