How To Find The Lost Cloudflare Account?

Hey Everyone,

I’ve got a big issue here!

I’d been operating so many websites with different Cloudflare accounts. Now here’s the problem. I’ve forgotten my Cloudflare account to one of my website:

I don’t remember which account was used to get the Cloudflare nameservers, now I’m changing my hosting and want to remove the website from Cloudflare before doing this as it will cause an error. But I don’t remember the account which was used for this website.

I’ve removed all other websites from different Cloudflare accounts but this website hasn’t been removed yet as we can see the “https” in the URL.

Do you have any idea what should I do now?

Can Cloudflare help me in this case? Can they tell which Gmail account has been used for this particular website? Is there any way?

Please HELP!

There would be risk of social engineering leading to information disclosure if CF were able to tell you Or anyone the email of the account that owns the domain. Say you’re a journalist or activist that runs a website behind CF, you wouldn’t want CF giving up your personal gmail address associated with your website and potentially end up targeted for account takeovers or physical, IRL attacks.

Your best bet is searching your emails for mention of the domain, or emails from [email protected], CF will email you when a domain becomes active on your account.

Also worth noting that you don’t really have to “remove from Cloudflare”, it will automatically be deactivated if you change the nameservers of the website away from CF at your domain registrar.


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