How to find the best DNS for gaming?

I am considering changing my DNS and since comes up way too often, I thought I’d ask in here. Any tips on how to improve my ping / latency in-game? I am really sorry if this questions has been asked only a million times so far!

Yes Cloudflare with its is a very good and flexible DNS provider and also optimized for gaming. BTW also Cloudflare is worlds fastest DNS Provider, even if it comes to RAW performance!

But the main question is: what do you understand under “gaming”

  1. are you hosting a GameServer
  2. are you a regular FPS gamer who wants to have a better Ping?

Thanks for getting back to me!
I am not hosting a server. I am looking to improve my ping, if that’s even possible by changing DNS.
I am based in the UK, provider is Virgin and DNS Benchmark suggests my current one is the fastest, followed by these:

They all say they are. But apparently you will not even with CloudFlare be able to improve your ping as the ping is not depending on resolving time.

Your ping more depends on your ISP. Sorry to say but resolving time ≠ Ping.
CloudFlare can speed up the Ping (wioth paid Plans) TO Domains its hosting, but not foru users its using. as the Ping in the end always is depending on your ISP and where he routs you.

So if your are hosting a GameServer CloudFlare can speed up the ping to your Server, but as a Gamer to external Servers CloudFlare can just help you resolving Domains faster. So switching to is worth it anayway but the wished Ping-Improvement will not be there. Will be nowhere… sorry to say

Thank you, that was quite informative! I don’t know why then every article suggests changing DNS will decrease ping…

I am currently with a 100 Mbps connection and don’t think there is even a better on my area. Any suggestions on what else to look apart from the Mbps. I don’t want to turn this into an off-topic post.

Its not purely about Mbps but about Ping. So better concentrate on Ping. More Mbps ≠ better ping.
How you are getting routed is the key.

If you have friends which life close to you and do have different providers you can check ping from them and from you (at the same time please!) and then decide which provider you want to go with.
But beside provider also the target is a variable.

One provider routs faster to one target, the other to the other target. So if you want to play a particular game better search the gaming community for the best provider. But CloudFlare can anyway help you resolving Domains faster then any other DNS in the world. SO using is always a good idea and gains a little performance, but if your ISP is bad its not helping much.

So your first steps should be:

  1. setting up CloudFlare as your DNS:
    1.1 IPv4 (1)
    1.2 IPv4 (2)
    1.3 IPv6 (1) 2606:4700:4700::1111
    1.4 IPv6 (2) 2606:4700:4700::1001
  2. checking out which IPS is the best for you
  3. enjoying best DNS + best IPS!

Have fun gaming :slight_smile:

If you dont mind what are you gaming?

I think I will set the DNS and give it a go, nothing to lose, right?

I am essentially playing Warzone now. I am obsessed with increasing performance and I know there is some serious issues with connection (e.g. being under the impression you have managed to shot someone first, but instead Killcam shows that they saw you first and killed you before you even shot).

Overall I have a very good machine, but I struggle to get good results from this game - bad performance, the above issue, bad sound, etc. It’s probably most of it the games fault, haha.

Thanks for all the help! I am now looking into other options for better connection.

Nice game! Beside the better DNS please also notice theat performance almost always is getting “lost” or dropped in the last 100m of the connection. Means in your house.
Hopefully you are connected with a Cable (Ethernet) and nothing like WiFi/WLan.
Becasue if you are… yes there ways of wireless conections these days also offer a good bandwith but never will be able to perfom as good as wired connections. :slight_smile:

Hope you have fun gaming Warzone with your new DNS. Feel free to come here again and report back :wink:

BTW if you implement CloudFlare as you DNS please implement it on your Router and not just on your local Comuter, because if you implement it on your Router it speeds up your whole Network and not just your own computer

I have always played using an Ethernet cable connection! I have now also ordered a Cat 8 cable, see if this helps a bit!

Unfortunately, I can’t find a way to implement those DNS updates into my router right now…

Yes and no. It supports up to 40GBs but that on just maximum 30m. But the good thing at higher CAT standards are always better shiedling and better foiling. Thats why I half a year ago upgraded (actually from CAT5E) to CAT8 and now can use my 10GBs router to its fullest… but tbh when you try to get higher bandwith its not worth it, unless you want to move big files from or to your NAS.

In gaming I think it will be good for less Dataloss, but anyway dataloss should be very low even with CAT5E :slight_smile: But go ahead and make your own experiences and if you like you can report back here

Which Router do you have?

If your router really does not allow choosing an own DNS provider you can anytime overwrite that on your machine itself.

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