How to find out which Cloudflare account is my domain?

My old IT registered my domain in Cloudflare some time ago, and it no longer works with me.
Today I need to change providers, but when transferring DNS, I get error 524, and the domain points to Cloudflare …
How to find out which Cloudflare account was registered my domain
Support did not resolve and asked me to seek here the answer … Ticket 1810015

Hi, I see the ticket, it’s currently open in queue waiting for an Engineer to review. I’ve added myself to the ticket and a link to this thread. You can try and recover access to the original account via Support, but I’ve not seen many/any instances where that’s been successful, it’s probably more expedient to add the domain to your new account, change the nameservers at your domain registrar and move on in control of your domain in your account.

Domain appointed to Cloudflare >>>>


The best thing is to add the domain to a new account as @cloonan suggested.

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