How to find my website is listed with which Cloudflare account

Want to know my website ( is listed with which Cloudflare account? When I am adding my website ( to Cloudflare through hosting. It is showing that my website is lited with another Cloudflare account. but I didn’t add with other Cloudflare account. Could you please help to identify with which Cloudflare account my website is associated?

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Your domain is active on an account where the nameservers jerry and lina were assigned. As to which account that is, that’s something you’ll have to find out yourself and Cloudflare won’t disclose that information. Try resetting passwords for your email addresses.

But you should always be able to add the domain to another account. In that case you will get a new pair of nameservers which you then simply assign to your domain.

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I tried with all of my email address. But didn’t find anything. Is there any alternative for this ?

Can you please remove my website from cloudflare. I can provide all the proof that this website ( is associated with me.

Otherwise, at least please provide me the masked version of email. That will also helpful for me.

So do you want to use Cloudflare or not?

If not, then you don’t have to do anything. If yes, simply sign up anew, just as I mentioned in my last reply.

Hostinger have identical name servers. So, they can not provide new pair of name severs . At least please provide me masked email address .

As I mentioned, Cloudflare won’t disclose any addresses.

You did not answer my question though.

How does this answer my question?

Sir, simply you are saying if I want to use Cloudflare, then I have to signup with new account with new pair of name servers,

Ans : Hostinger have identical name servers. So, they can not provide new pair of name servers .

What should i do in this situation ?

But considering that you do seem to want to use Cloudflare, you’d be best off by setting up the domain on a brand-new Cloudflare account.

Should you insist on wanting to go via the partner setup - though I’d advise against it - you’d need to wait a couple of days until Cloudflare removed the domain from the account, at which point you should be able to enable the partner integration at your host.

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