How to find my hosting service for my website address and DNS server?

Hello. I’ve recently bought a domain name “” from NameAlerts. I bought it to its previous owner. Also, the website address uses Cloud Flare DNS servers, which one of them is “” and I have another one.
But the website is no longer working because some bills were not paid. I don’t know what hosting service has been hired to store all the data from the website, and since I don’t have a backup of the website, the whole database could be lost forever. The previous owner didn’t pay the bills and he disregarded himself completely from this issue so I’m quite worried about this. From the PayPal account I only see listed the bills from Hetzner, Leaseweb and Liquid Web. It might be one of them!
How can I find the server that hosted the website?
I beg you for help, anything you might know about this.

You can try Hetzner Online GmbH if it’s been there for over two years.


Hi @lfcalderari, if you have a relationship with the person from whom you purchased the domain, that would be the place to start. Short of that, moving it to a different Cloudflare account (that you control) is easy, as long as you can change the name servers with the domain registrar.

If you purchased the domain name and the assets of the site (files, code, images), then you really need to go back to the seller and ask them to give you the rest of what you purchased - the assets. Cloudflare does not have those assets (sorry) and no one on this site can see your Cloudflare account to assist with any of the details of that relationship.


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