How to find Expert Setup

Hello all,

I’ve been using Cloudflare for over 3 years on my websites, and certainly, I see a huge benefit. But a lot of what’s available here is well beyond my paygrade. I simply don’t know enough - even after reading help docs and the forums - what my best options are for Argo, Mirage, Railgun, and other similar add-ons for my website.

I’ve searched, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to reach out to Cloudflare directly and hire an expert for advanced configuration. I know I could look on Codeable or Upwork for a freelancer, but you’re rolling the dice with how much of an ‘expert’ they actually are.

I would gladly pay Cloudflare for advanced setup, but since that’s not an option, what would the community recommend?

Thank you!

Sorry, Cloudflare doesn’t hire out support…unless you’re on an Enterprise plan, in which case you do get an assigned engineer.

Otherwise you’d have to hire, or just dig in yourself and give stuff a try, then ask the Community for assistance with what you’re attempting.

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