How to find cpanel for my domain

How to find cpanel for my domain, my domain was transfer from namecheap and since it was transfer my cpanel will be in Cloudflare and I dont know how to access it. Can someone help me please.

Your cPanel will still be with your web hosting provider. Visit their billing portal and see if they have a login option to send you to your hosting cPanel account.

Alternatively you can try are you replace with your domain. Most web host that should redirect you.

I have check but they told me that since I transferred my domain to Cloudflare my cpanel will be there that they dont have access to my domain anymore.

Hector L.

You can login and control your domain name here

However cPanel is normally primarily used for web hosting and to control your web hosting you will need to log into cPanel at your host this did not get moved to Cloudflare.

How did you go using that redirection method that I posted above.

Did not worked if gave me this 404

The page you were looking for doesn’t exist, go back or navigate:

Maybe is because my domain name is with Cloudflare this is what I typed in

Also if I buy a domain thru Cloudflare will it come with cpanel

I thank you very much for your prompt response
Hector L.

Cloudflare is not a hosting provider. There is no cpanel.

Okay I couldn’t find the cPanel using any of the normal discovery methods I think you mean Control Panel in general.

Now that I have your domain name I’ve taken a bit of a look at what you appear to be using.

Namecheap private email service so they would have a control panel where you control your email.

And your web hosting/site builder appears to be from this mob

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