How to filter firewall events that had challenges solved?

Hi guys,

Any tips on how to get more info about the CAPTCHA challenges solved?

*This screenshot was taken from “Firewall Rules” tab and refers to the Challenge Solve Rate (CSR) introduced by the latest Firewall Analytics update.

From a Pro zone there are no CSR-related filter options in the Firewall Events dashboard.

Thanks in advance!

Nothing, guys?

Trying once more before reaching the Support Team. :crossed_fingers:

What info are you looking for? On the screen you posted, it shows you the % of challenges solved, are you looking to see if an individual challenge in the event log has been solved? If so, I am not sure this info can be seen in the dash.

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Thanks for listening, @domjh!

Not exactly, but filter or exclude all events whose CAPTCHA challenge has been solved.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be possible even through the Firewall Events @ API.

Sorry for the delay! No, this doesn’t seem to be one of the options, but you can always ask support and it might be in the pipeline. If you do find anything, please share here :slight_smile:

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