How to filter by botScore?

Hello, I’d like to see pageviews from likely humans with the GraphQL API.
How can I filter httpRequestsAdaptiveGroups by the botScore?
I see ZoneHttpRequestsAdaptiveGroupsFilter_InputObject has botScore_gt
but if I add

      "botScore_gt": 29

(because anything above 30 is “Likely human”
it errors and with the response:

  "data": null,
  "errors": [
      "message": "zone '{REDACTED}' does not have access to the field 'botscore' from the path",
      "path": [
      "extensions": {
        "code": "authz",
        "timestamp": "2022-04-19T20:28:48.007239362Z"

Is this not included in my plan, maybe?

Thank you

Bot Score is exclusive to Enterprise plans as far as I’m aware since it’s apart of Bot Management.

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I’ve found that I can filter by

    "botManagementDecision": "likely_human"

I’m all set :+1: