How to export SSL certificate for our own lab use?

Is there a way to export the SSL certificate?
I’m looking for a way to export the SSL certificate for our on-premises server. Is is possible to do so? If no, what recommendation could you offer?


I’m assuming what you want is to encrypt CF traffic to your origin web server, if that’s so, please follow this procedure:

Thanks for the link. But what I want to do is to not about encrypting CF traffic to my on-premises server. It’s about encrypting the traffic between public and our own public server URL by the SSL certificate purchased at CF.

If its only between visitors and cloudflare (your domain configured with cloudflare nameservers) then you are talking about the flexible configuration

In flexible configuration you have 4 choices, follow the link bellow.
Each choice has more specific links explaining how to manage / configure it, just follow your path.

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