How to exclude particular URL from CloudFlare's caching

I would like to exclude a particular URL from CloudFlare’s maximum upload restriction so that users can upload files up to the maximum defined by Centos’ PHP restriction of 2GB. I had a look for a bypass rule within the page rule settings, but the closest to what I want was to disable security setting, which sounds a bit scary. I just want to get rid of the upload restriction of 100MB, not all the rest of the security such as protections from DoS attacks.

I’ve meanwhile found the setting for setting the “caching level” to “bypass”, but I’m still unsure whether that will achieve what I want, that is prevent CloudFlare from applying the 100MB maximum upload rule to that URL.

Upload size limit is not tied to caching. The only way to get around the 100MB limit is to put that process on a hostname that’s not set to :orange:.

How do I do that?

You can also chunk the upload. Either way, it’s going to take a developer to modify the code for uploading the file(s).

So when I park a different hostname on the Cloudflare’d site, and use the that domain name - or an IP address - for the upload page, does that mean Cloudflare will not process the link and thus not limit the upload to a stingy 100MB?

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