How to exclude from a Rate Limiting Rule?

I’ve setup a rate limiting rule for .aspx web page requests. The rule will block an IP address if the rate of requests exceeds 65 pages per minute. That rule works great.

However, we have a special page that I must exclude from this rate limiting rule because it is appropriately called multiple times at a high rate. This page also matches our rule pattern *.aspx

How can I exclude a specific special.aspx web page from being counted by the *.aspx rate limiting rule?

I cannot use the Bypass feature of the Rate Limiting Rule because Bypass evidently does not accept * wildcard character. We are an Enterprise customer and need the Bypass to apply to special.aspx for all domains. Bypass using */special.aspx doesn’t appear to work.

I’ve tried to setup a Page Rule to turn off the WAF processing for this special.aspx page, but that does not work.

Since special.aspx also uses URL parameters, should I have used /special.aspx as my matching string in the Page Rule?

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Bypass for Rate Limiting rules is only available on the Enterprise plan.

Is it possible to move that page to an alternate host name where you could apply a different rule or craft the current rule in such a manner it wouldn’t catch this specific page in particular?


we do have an Enterprise plan, and yes, Bypass is available to us.
We really cannot move that page to an alternate host name. Each of our hosted domains use that page and the page request needs to come across the wire to our servers with the appropriate domain name.

we have a rate limiting rule which matches *.aspx and that works really well.
What we need to be able to do is Bypass /special.aspx but I do not think that Bypass accepts the wildcard * character. There’s no mention of that in any of the documentation that we’ve found. And no mention if Bypass uses the full URI or just the portion up through the path segment.

And there are a few hundred domains, so we really cannot itemize every domain/special.aspx in the bypass area.

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