How to exclude a site file from the cache?

We have 1 file in the root of the site, how to make cloudflare ignore it and not cache it?

В корне сайта у нас находиться 1 файл, как сделать так чтобы cloudflare его игнорировал и не кэшировал?

With page rules (the search has more on that). But is it cached in the first place? What’s the URL?

a simple txt file, I didn’t understand how to prohibit caching it in the rules

Text file should not be cached in the first place.

What’s the URL?

just tell me how to exclude a file from the cache

As mentioned that URL is not cached in the first place. You don’t need to do anything.

This is a list of ip for blocking, without cloudflare. It blocks everyone who is on the list. When cloudflare was connected, this list stopped working

Then you need to find out why it doesn’t work. It won’t be caching related.

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