How to enable these settings?


I would like to enable the following settings through the API and not from web interface (see below).
Is it possible?


If the docs at don’t show how, I try through the dashboard and then check the Audit log for hints as to the syntax.

Ok , so where Can I find/access the Audit log?

It’s at

Ok for the main dashboard.
But where is the audit log you were talking about?

I mean, where can I check audit log?

Ok I have found Audit Log section under Manage Account menu.
I can see this, but end point name/syntax is missing?


any news or idea?

Sorry, but it’s not giving me any clues as to what the API endpoint would be. At least there’s some syntax in there.

A wild guess would be a PATCH command to argo/tiered_caching similar to this:

ok thanks I will have a look