How to enable static IP

Greetings, I would like to enable a static IP for caching a specific domain. The reason is that the domain is pointing to a management platform and this platform is connected with a router, the router is automatically adjusting to the IP address so that suspended clients have access to the platform. Because there are more than one IPs the router has to adjust very often, resulting to high CPU usage.

What do you mean by static IP? When you use a :orange: DNS record, you use Cloudflare’s IPs for it. Then that points at whatever record you sent. If you want a static IP for your router, then you need to talk to your ISP.

No, not for my router, I mean for Cloudflare. When I trace it I usually get two IPs rotating. One IP is ending with 96.3 and the other with 96.7

That’s normal, and expected.

I don’t believe you can have that changed to a static IP address.

Could a staff member verify that? Is it maybe an enterprise feature?

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