How to enable Legacy Browser support on SSL

Hello everyone,

I need help with SSL, can someone tell me how to enable Legacy Browser support on my Cloudfare paid PRO Plan SSL?

Thanks in advance.

Are you referring to browsers who do not support SNI?

Looks like it is possible to contact Support to enable non-SNI.

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Yes, I refer to browsers who do not support SNI.
I am on Pro plan, and just now I buy Dedicated SSL Cert.
Now my question is, if you can answer me, how to generate SSL which I will import on my local server where I hosting my aplication? I mean SSL who allow older broswers like Chrome 49 to open sites from my local IIS server.
Thanks in advance.

Which dedicated cert did you buy?

On [Managing Dedicated SSL Certificates] I placed order, but on my SSL page still stay “Universal”

This is what mine looks like. What does your top button say where mine says Order Advanced Certificate?

I bought a product from another manufacturer and thus solved the problem. Thank you for your effort and time

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