How to enable DoH on Windows 10

I’m new to much of this jargon so I’m not really sure. I moved recently to Korea for a business trip but some sites seems to be censored here. I’ve heard of this service could get past many of the censorship done by the government. The app on Android seems to be working fine, but on my PC it doesn’t seem to be working at all. I believe it’s because in the diagnostic test uploaded Link it says that the DNS over HTTPS isn’t working. I have tried downloading Cloudflared proxy as intructed here Cloudflared Tutorial and have reached the site, but it seems to have to do with website hosting rather than my purposes. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Easiest approach would be to use Firefox where you can configure it in the settings.

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Thank you. I’ve forgot that I have done that as it was mentioned in a previous topic in this community, but I was using Chrome since I’m more used to that browser. Still, it seems like I can’t access certain sites, whereas I am able to on my phone. Are there any tips to change the tunnel type to a full tunnel for my whole computer as it seems like that is the only difference I can find.

Firefox is not that different in its use, so I’d seriously consider it.

Otherwise you’d really have to set up an additional proxy on your machine. I believe there are some tutorials out there.


Along with @sandro’s Firefox recommendation, you can use then run the Cloudflare’s Browser security test.

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