How to enable DNSSEC for domains using the .ch extension?



There seems to be some sort of issue with configuring .ch domains with DNSSEC. The issue doesn’t lie within Cloudflare itself, but the domain name system rather. Apparently there are different regulations for these domains, so I’m not sure how to go about configuring these domains.

Please let me know if there is a way around this.

Thanks in advance!


According to Cloudflare’s documentation, .ch supports enabling DNSSEC via CDS and/or CDNSKEY records.

I don’t know how they implement it, but it will probably work automagically within a few days of being enabled.


Some domain registrars don’t fully implement DNSSEC. I had a .xyz domain at one registrar that wouldn’t enable DNSSEC for that domain. I moved to another registrar and now I have DNSSEC for that domain.

So…check with your registrar. Cloudlfare will let your enable DNSSEC here, but it’s up to the registrar and the domain authority itself to support DNSSEC.


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