How to enable Cloudflare SmartErrors

Good day.

Recently, the function of switching on and off Cloudflare SmartErrors has disappeared in the control panel. I used it often, because the opportunity is really effectively.

How can I restore SmartErrors, at least in part? I saw on several sites Cloudflare SmartErrors, and it was included for new domains.

Thank you in advance.

Seems that the SmartErrors app has been deleted from the store. :thinking:

Yes, it is, I searched everywhere. Why did the developers remove this useful add-on?

But I’ve seen that even some of the newly emerged sites still somehow use SmartErrors.

Perhaps SmartErrors can be downloaded anywhere as an additional application?

As an example I will cite the following site:

As you can see, instead of error 404 appears SmartErrors Page without buttons and JavaScript.

Similarly, the site displays SmartErrors, and the domain was registered and added to CloufFlare a few weeks ago…

Perhaps someone knows how to activate SmartErrors in this way?

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