How to enable Cloudflare for a subdomain?


I’ve got a wordpress site: eg which is pointing to/hosted by cloudflare
I’ve added subdomains: eg but a server error msg appears.
When I asked my webhost i was told to add the subdomains to cloudflare but i’m not sure how. Do I create a new account?
I’m on the free package.


Please read Subdomain too deep


Thank you so much.

I’m sorry if this is obvious. I’m a complete novice.

I’m following the steps here:

I’ve added to cloudflare’s dns (
and now I get the following error:

Sorry, this page doesn’t exist.
Please check the URL or go back a page.
404 Error. Page Not Found.

This is a change because before it said server error

I then checked:

and without the https:// part, the domain shows up on ultratools

Yet, there’s still the 404 message

Is there something obvious I’ve missed?

Your site isn’t accessible at all.

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