How to enable cloudflare feature only on specific subdomain?


I have registered a root domain and few subdomains with Cloudflare.

And among them, only the domain would like to use the features of Cloudflare.

So I set up DNS like the picture below.

But I don’t know this is the right way.

Some one tell me how do i applied specific subdomain only?

Thank you


Thank you for asking.

The sub-domain hostname (DNS record) should be proxied and set to :orange:.

Therefore, you can create a new Page Rule for that specific sub-domain like* and select the features (options) which you want to enable or disable for this specific sub-domain.

May I suggest below article as it contains all the useful information about Cloudflare Page Rules.

Furthermore, from your above screenshot, I see there could be some issue with the following sub-domains:


You might want to use Advanced Certificate Manager to cover those sub-domains with the SSL certificate, otherwise you might have an issue as follows:

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