How to enable CDN properly in Web Api MVC

My host is partnered with cloudflare. I turned the CDN option on and thats all i need to do according to them. However it has been more than 2 days and no cached data or requests appear in my dashboard. Also after running tests i see no change in response time given that my host’s datacenter is in north america and i was making the request form Europe.

My web api returns videos and images by query with an Id parameter. How can i setup the CDN to deliver those static files from the nearest data center. Sorry if my question is not on point but i am new to CDN i just want to implement it properly. Thanks.

The dashboard is on your own Cloudflare account and the activation was done via the host, correct?

The analytics will never show up in your account in the CF dashboard. To see analytics, statistics, etc. you need to configure the domain directly via Cloudflare.

If the analytics are on the host side then contact them, we here cannot do anything.

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