How to enable Argo?

I am trying to purchase Argo but the “enable Argo” link is disabled. My billing information is filled out already. How can I purchase Argo?

Hi @shivanj,

Are you signed up to Cloudflare through a partner, like yourhosting provider? If so, you may need to enable add-ons there and not directly at Cloudflare.

I am signed up through my hosting provider. I have contacted them.

At first they said I cannot use Argo if I am on their shared plan. Then I told them I was able to use Argo a few months back but now I cannot. Then they said I should contact Cloudflare support.

One of your zones is sign up directly and the option to enable argo is available on that zone, the others are via a partner and it is not an option. Sorry for the troubles.

Thanks for your suggestions. I have triple checked what you said.

The domain that I can actually enable Argo is signed up in the exact same way as the domain that I cannot enable Argo on. There is no difference. All the DNS/NS records are the same also.

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