How to enable access to a page using the https protocol

Help me set up access to the page on hosting at IP address so that this page opens using the secure HTTPS protocol

Your site doesn’t use Cloudflare yet.

Follow the documentation below to add your site to Cloudflare. If you’ve added the site already, then go to your domain registrar and change the nameservers to the two Cloudflare provided when you added the site.

On the hoster side, I completed all the settings and entered the data of your DNS name servers.
But I just can’t get this page to open using the secure protocol
Your service says that it is in the process of verification
Two days have already passed, I’ve waited for the time, help me figure it out

No, you haven’t. The domain is till using the two nameservers and

Note that you need to change the nameservers in your domain registration dashboard. Adding NS records in your host’s DNS manager will not work.

Should I understand you literally, and enter the names of the DNS in the same way as you wrote?
Did I understand you correctly?

A small note, I entered the domain name incorrectly above and the correct one is:

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