How to embed live input stream video and costs

“Watch the live stream using the Stream Player or any player that supports HLS/DASH. Instantly replay the recording when the live stream ends.”

Totally awesome and what I need but how do I embed the stream player in my website? I can’t find the embed code…

Also I can’t find a good place that talks about the costs for how many people can tune into a live stream? I see in the docs that its the same pricing so 1 per 1000 minutes of delivered video… So if 100 people watch a 10 minute live stream it would cost 1 dollar? Or if 50 people watch a 20 minute live stream that would cost 1 dollar?

Thanks so much!!

All the stream docs are here:

Your pricing assumption is correct. Every person watching costs $.001 per minute.

Yeah I read those and am still a little confused… Is there maybe a tutorial of how to use the get response to embed the live stream in a Wordpress site?

Should I have my own player? Or can I use the stream player?

This seems like it would be the solution… But it has not been updated in 10 months and says it does not support live streams…

But it does say its from Cloudflare… Is there a department or someone at Cloudflare that could updated it to work with some of the new features?