How to edit WAF rules for my website

Hello. I activated WAF a half month ago. It works good but sometimes when I edit big articles in my website I get an error " Sorry, you have been blocked".
I found info about this error if cloudfleur firewall - and I think I need to increase the max size of file updating. But I can’t do it because I can’t find how to change WAF rules. Please help me.

I would like to know the answer to this as well. Following.

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I have been blocked by CF Firewall a dozen of times while administrating our site (WP), I simply disable it for 30 minutes.

How did you do it? Is there a spesial function? Or you did it manualy?

If you’re on a paid plan, which is what it takes to get WAF, then it’s this:

Yes. I have a paid plan and also use this button sometimes. I hope that we’ll find the method how to change the rule for WAF

I have to admit, I could not find Rule 981176 in any of the rule lists. So, of course, I headed to Search. And found this:

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Thank you. I’ll read it

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