How to edit DNS Server with Cloudflare Registrar program

I successfully transferred a domain name to Cloudflare regsitrar but the WHOIS information is still showing the old DNS records. In my Cloudflare panel I cannot find an interface to remove those and add the Cloudflare dns servers. Is there a separate panel for the Cloudflare registrar environment? I can’t find any docs about it.

How did you manage to switch to Cloudflare registrar without first adding the domain to Cloudflare, which by itself requires you to first change the nameservers to Cloudflare’s?

Can you share the domain name?

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That is slightly weird, the domain is registered with Cloudflare (and had CF nameservers assigned earlier) however the nameservers point somewhere else. Did you change the nameservers while the domain was transferring?

I’m not sure. I don’t remember if or when I pointed the nameservers to Cloudflare because it’s just a sandbox domain that I use sporadically. What I do know is that the transfer took longer than expected, and the domain expired before it was migrated to Cloudflare. The expiry could have caused the DNS server to update to name dot com’s domain parking, or whatever you call that.

Anyways, is this the right support channel for this issue? I was hoping someone from CF to step in and fix the records since I can’t find the interface to do this. Please let me know if someone knows the right email address or support ticket form for this issue.

Well, the domain pointed for the past six months to Cloudflare and was pointed to nameservers ten days ago.

I’d open a support ticket at