How to edit/change/rename filename of an image?

Hello, is there any way to edit/change/rename filename of an image?
When i try to Edit Image, the field of Filename & Image ID is disabled. I have to delete the image first, then reupload the image again with new name.

Is there any other way to solve this?

Hi, there was no requests or uses cases before on updating a filename. How critical is it for you?

On the website that i’m developing, the image is linked to an object or element so if the object’s name is changed/renamed, the image’s name will also change accordingly. So I think it’s quite critical because it’s important for my SEO… I can’t find the way to do it with the API…

Filenames are not exposed anywhere except API.

If you are talking about changing custom ids, then that’s not possible.

That’s a little disappointing to hear because I submitted the same request via the Google Forms survey in the Images dashboard. Do you not read those submissions? :cry:

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