How to edit all worker-site flies in quick-edit

Our company has started looking into Cloudflare Workers as a viable option for replacing some of websites we host.

Our current setup as it stands is me building the websites and then my business partner, whose skills lie outside of programming, can easily come in and make small changes to the website such as images, HTML and also some environment variables I provide for them. The way he currently does this is by logging in via SFTP and uploading those changes, its not perfect and a little bit old school but it has been working for us so far (I am curious if anyone has a better solution for this that does not involve building a CMS).

Quick-edit does not appear to let me edit all files associated with the worker (eg. images). If we were to fully roll out Cloudflare Workers how would you suggest I provide my partner, as a non-tech person, the ability to make the simple changes I described above?

This sounds like you want to use Wrangler. Wrangler pushes a local copy of the site up to Cloudflare, it will become a two-step process to edit the site: 1) Edit, 2) Push changes with Wrangler.