How To Easily Fix WordPress Site Failure After CloudFlare SSL Plugin is Disabled

To solve a problem I disabled my Wordpress Cloudflare SSL plugin which took my site down… not good, after several hours of reading, testing, contacting my host (GoDaddy), I found this very similar article:

which does not have a happy resolution… then I figured out how to reactivate the Cloudflare plugin without much effort. There are a number of steps involved, but the key is to copy the Cloudflare SSL plugin files into a MU-PLUGIN folder that you create.

I documented the process and included screen shots here: if you need more details.

I hope this helps.

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Hi @calgarytech,

Thanks for posting this helper.

It would be great if you could post, both here and on your article, a link to the WordPress repository of the exact plugin you are talking about, as there might be more than one plugin with similar names. This would avoid confusion when people find this topic while searching for a solution to a similar issue.

Cloudlfare maintains only one plugin called Cloudflare and available on

There is one plugin called Cloudflare SSL by Weslink, available at

There is also Cloudflare Flexible SSL, available at

And of course there might be others.

Good point. In my case I was using “Cloudflare Flexible SSL Redirect Loop For WordPress”


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