How to easily copy DNS entries to CloudFlare from time to time?

Hi I’m new to cloud flare and I have a question.

When there are new DNS entries added at my domain or host, how can I easily copy the over at Cloudflare? I didn’t see any synchronize button or anything at the DNS management of cloud flare panels.

Or am I supposed to manually add new DNS entries?

Once you add your site to Cloudflare, there’s no Sync option. Two reasons:

  1. Cloudflare no longer has a “previous” name server to get your info from.
  2. Syncing to some other DNS would be a problem if it overwrote or deleted something you added here. From time to time, people post here about DNS glitches that stem from an external automated process. Full-blown syncing would amplify this unwanted occurrence.

So, yeah, you should manually add new DNS entires. It’s safer.

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Particularly as far as the proxy status is concerned. I am not sure if there is any field in a typical Bind export that could be “abused” for that purpose.

Best bet is probably to write your own sync script accessing the API.

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