How to dynamically set header response value?

How to dynamically set the origin value as the header value Access-Control-Allow-Origin using Modify header response? I want to achieve something like this:

if (any(http.request.headers["origin"][*] in {"", ""})) {
  return http.request.headers["origin"][*]
} else {
  return ""

i.e if the origin url is from or make use of this origin value as the header value else make use of as the header value.

How can i achieve this?

There should be only one Origin header, so it’s easiest to use http.request.headers["origin"][0]

This would also need to be two rules, in reverse order, because last match wins.

First would just Static set it to

Second would be if http.request.headers["origin"][0] contains OR if it contains Then dynamic set it to http.request.headers["origin"][0]

The second will overwrite the first if it the second one gets triggered.


Also can you show how to do the second step you have mentioned in code? i.e setting the dynamic value.


Thanks I got it worked :heart_eyes:

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